Working With SOE Absentee Data
webElect has the ability to automatically load AB data from the Florida Division of Elections for elections held at the same time as the statewide Primary and General elections.  If your election is not held at those times,  webElect cannot automatically load the data but does still allow you to work with the AB info you receive from the Supervisor of Elections, but with the limitations listed below the video.  The campaign can create groups like "AB Requested", "AB Sent", and "AB Returned" and copy and paste the growing list of Voter ID numbers each day from the SOE lists into each group.  Then you can use those groups to keep or kick out voters from your targets as needed.   See this video as a guide: 



There are a few issues with outputting data from webElect for AB purposes from Groups you need to keep in mind and decide if the benefits outweigh the drawbacks for your particular use (these issues do not apply to the AB/EV specialty features available for statewide election dates):

1) webElect voter data is updated monthly and is usually 2 - 6 weeks behind the live county data which is used in the AB reports.  This means for voters who have recently changed their registration information or are newly registered, webElect will be outputting out-dated data or nothing at all for those voters.

2) webElect outputs the voters registered physical and mailing addresses, but the voter's AB request may list a different address which will only be on the SOE's list.

It is usually a small percentage of voters these issues affect, but if you do not want to miss any voter, you should use the SOE's lists for mailing/contacting the AB voters and only use the webElect groups for kicking out voters from your webElect targeting.  Otherwise, the benefits webElect provides in allowing you to household those voters, access phone numbers, and apply additional filtering criteria may be worth the small number of errors.

Last updated by Alli Bundy, created February 25, 2015