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Used by over 2,000 Florida campaigns and committees since 2004, from municipal to gubernatorial!

"webElect allowed me to easily overcome the challenge to connect with a large number of voters during a short time period. This resourceful and strategic programs features contributed to an election victory by a large margin. I was able to stay very organized and focus my valuable time on direct communication efforts with voters to earn the support from those who were likely to fill out a ballot. I would recommend this platform for any serious candidate who wants to win."
Wes Morrison, Cape Canaveral City Council
"I don't know how someone would be able to campaign without the use of webElect. I am definitely recommending your product to others."
Bob Cortes, Florida House of Representatives, District 30
"In a word on why candidates should use - - EASY... is easy enough that I am pulling labels and walk lists within minutes of signing in."
Robert Nelson, Walton School Board Candidate
"After looking at various programs that are on the market I have found to be the most comprehensive and user friendly on the market. Not only is it great for producing walk lists with easy to read maps, it also includes software for financial reporting among many other features. It helped me win my election and I would never want to go back to anything else."
Peter Nehr , Florida State House of Representatives, District 48


We charge only during the 12-months prior to the general election for the campaign's district. Price starts at $45/month for up to 20,000 voters. Click here to see the price for your district.

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The best way to learn how it works is to browse through our videos and watch the features that fit your need.

You can also view our Getting Started Guide. We will be adding more documentation shortly.

Download and print this PDF file for a traditional paper flyer describing the service.