Privacy Policy
Our privacy policy is listed in items 5 and 6 of our Terms of Service

  1. PRIVACY AND YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. recognizes the importance of privacy. will never disclose its clients, client conversations, or any client data without the written consent of the client.
  2. CONFIDENTIALITY OF CUSTOMER DATA. The work contemplated under this agreement may require that have access to information, which is proprietary and/or confidential to Customer. agrees not to publish or otherwise disclose to persons other than the Customer, without specific written permission, any proprietary and/or confidential information acquired from Customer by as a result of this agreement; nor to use said information for any purposes other than consultation with Customer. It is understood that this agreement is not intended to restrict use or disclosure of information which (i) is or later becomes publicly known under circumstances involving no breach of this agreement; (ii) was already known to (other than by previous disclosure to by Customer or through services performed by for Customer) as evidenced by his or her written records; (iii) is lawfully and in good faith made available to without restriction on disclosure by a third party; or (iv) which is created or originated by outside this agreement.

Last updated by Doug Homan, created February 27, 2014