Campaign Sidekick Integration


  • Use webelect to create targeted lists of voters, then "Send to Sidekick" to push the list to Campaign Sidekick.
  • Sidekick will receive the targeted voters' registration info along with any tags/groups, notes, phone numbers and emails.
  • Additionally, any other occupants at the targeted voters' houses are sent for reference and identified as not-targeted.
  • Any tags, notes, phone numbers, or email addresses added to voters in Sidekick are retreived by webElect each night and added to your webElect data.


  1. From the webElect Main Menu, click the "Settings" link (or "Campaign Setup" link if on the old menu) . You must be an admin level user to access this menu option.
  2. In the Data Sharing section, click the "Enable Send to Sidekick" option and hit the "Save" button at the top of the page.
  3. This will show your unique token value that you will copy and paste into your Sidekick account.
  4. You can map tags in Sidekick to tags in webElect by either naming them exactly the same, or by adding Sidekick's tag name spelling to your webElect tag. Do this by going to Administration-> Tags, editing the tag and clicking the Advanced tab, and entering Sidekick's exact spelling of the tag name and Save.

Send to Sidekick

  • Proceed through Targeting and make your selection of voters you wish to send.
  • On the Query Process Options page, select "Show Options" for the Walk/Canvassing section, and then select "Send to Sidekick" and "Run". This will take aprox. 1 minute per 10,000 voters to process. When complete you will see a notice indicating the transfer is complete. Note - if you would like to keep track of which voters you sent to Sidekick in webElect, you can then click "Show Options" for Groups & Deliverables and select "Add To Group" and "Run", then name the group accordingly.

Working in Sidekick

  • You can see the status of your new list in Sidekick on the "Upload History" page. The file will show as "Docked for Loading", "In Progress", and "Completed" as it updates the voter records in Campaign Sidekick.
  • To find your group/tag go to the Data and Reports-Tags section. This is where you can search for all of your tags to confirm that they came through correctly from Webelect. If they are not appearing, you may need to click the "Refresh Tag Cache" button, which will refresh the tags in the account.
    Once your tags are uploaded, they will appear as "Other Tags" in both the Create a Walklist section, as well as the PhoneBank- Create List section.
  • You can now create new walk/phone projects using your list.

Updates to webElect

  • Any tags, notes, phone numbers, or email addresses added to voters in Sidekick are retreived by webelect each night by 2AM.
  • webElect attempts to match your tag names from Sidekick by first looking for a match in the "Sidekick Tag" mapping field. If no match is found, it then tries to match on the webElect tag name. If no match is found, it generates a new tag under a "Sidekick" tag.
  • The Sidekick user account that made the update is matched to a webElect user via email address. If webElect does not have a matching email address, it creates a new user account to maintain the update history. The created user can not login to webElect as it is expired and has level 0 permissions.
  • Notes are added as notes in the voter's note section of their profile.
  • Phone numbers and email addresses are added to the voter's profile as "user" entered data with a high ranking score.

Last updated by Doug Homan, created August 5, 2020