Data Retention


webElect always retains your saved data even for voters no longer in your district. All data remains tied to the voter's voter ID regardless of whether or not they are in your current district/data set or not. Below is a more detailed breakdown of how data is stored in webElect:



Voters remain a member of the group even if they are no longer in the district. If a user uses "Targeting" to pull reports, the output is automatically filtered to only voters in the district, so those voters in the group that are not in the district will not be included.  If the user uses "Group Output", all members of the group are output including contact only records and voters not in the district. These voters are also discoverable with the "Search" tool or by opening the Group member list.


All notes are kept regardless of if the voter is in the district or not.  The difference is when searching for a voter not in the district, they will not show up on the first search attempt.  The user would need to click to "Search State" to find those voters not in the district.

Abandoned Records (Voter is deceased, moved out of state, or no longer registered)

For both Groups and Notes, if they were added to a voter only record (i.e. no contact record was ever attached to the voter record) and the voter is no longer on the state voter file, there is no way to identify who those notes and groups apply to other than with the 9 digit voter ID number.  Since no voter record exists, we do not have a name and address to link the voter ID to.  However, if the voter ever appears back in the voter file with that voter ID, the linked groups and notes will still be in the system and linked.

Expired Campaign Subscriptions

webElect retains all data within an expired subscription for a period of eight years unless directed to delete data by the campaign. At any time during those eight years, the owner of the campaign account or any unexpired admin user can access the data in that expired campaign. After eight years, the data will be deleted.


Voter A: former volunteer, no longer in district, assigned to a group and/or notes made, and they are a contact (because contact information was added.)
Campaign can continue to find them on initial search because they have a contact record.  Searches return any voter in the district and ALL contact records regardless of if the attached voter record is in the district. If assigned to a Group, this voter can also be found by clicking the Group name to see its member list, or through "Group Output".

Voter B: voter contacted by knocking, no groups but a note was made about a personal issue. No contact info added. Now no longer in district.
Voter won't be found on initial search since not in district, but since still in state database they will be found if expanding search to state and the note record will still be accessible.

Voter C: voter contacted by knocking, no groups but a note was made about a personal issue. No contact info added. Now no longer in state (or deceased, or inactive and removed from state roles).
Since no contact record is linked to the note, and no voter record is available to link to in the state voter database, there is no way to identify who this note is for.  The note record remains in the database trying to link to a voter record, so if one shows back up later (like they move back in state or become active again) then the voter is back to being searchable and the note record will be accessible.

Last updated by Jake Friedman, created May 12, 2016