Prioritizing Polling Places

To find out which precincts have the greatest potential for election day voters, you can follow this process in Targeting: 

  1. Set the Early/VBM Voted status to Exclude Already Voted (EV and VBM) (since we only care about those that have not yet voted)
  2. Uncheck the Exclude Suppressed Records box (since we aren't trying to contact them but want to count them in the precinct where they will vote)
  3. Check the 2016 PRI option for Republicans (or all three if non partisan... or whatever your criteria is for predicting voter participation)

Run the report, and select Precinct Analysis in output options, then select Precinct Export.

Once you download the file, you can sort by the R-Targeted count (or Targeted Count if non partisan).


Last updated by Alli Bundy, created August 27, 2018