Limited Access Users

You can now give lower level users more access to walk projects while still keeping the main project settings and more important functions restricted to only administrators. Once the project has been set up by an administrator, this feature allows the lower level users to create walk packets and walk the project directly without needing an assigned packet to do so. 

Set Up: 

1. Walk Project Settings

In the Walk Project Settings,  there is a new toggle labeled "Enable Limited Access Users". Set this to "Yes" for any projects that you want to be accessible by your lower level users. This will allow them to create packets as well as access any packets in the project. They can also access the project directly in the app so the user can pull up the map of the entire project to walk without needing a packet (or they can access any of the packets in the project in the app).

2. User Access Permissions

To change the users permissions, navigate to the User settings in the Administration Menu. Only the users that have the permission "access walk project & create packets" can access those projects. The permission is ignored if the user also has the "add/edit/delete tags & projects" permission since it is the permission that gives full control to add/edit projects. This permission will be enabled for any new Level 3 users (but can be checked for any user if needed).


Last updated by Alli Bundy, created July 7, 2023