Primary Republican Phones

Improve the number quality over the base numbers in webElect by adding the Premium phone append data from a 3rd party phone append vendor.  Usually this service runs per number appended, but by offering a fixed rate for all likely Primary voting Republicans, we can offer it at a much discounted price.

We append cell phones when available (typically > 60% of matches) and landline/VoIP numbers when not.  Most numbers come from daily validated sources or from High Confidence sources with recently validated carrier confirmation.

After ordering the option, you will be notified when the numbers are available to the campaign.  This may be up to a couple hours while we obtain the numbers from the vendor.

Premium numbers will have a source code of "P" and will take priority over other numbers EXCEPT those entered directly by the campaign.

Put the Premium numbers to use using our new Phone Bank module .

Read more on webElect's phone numbers here.

Last updated by Alli Bundy, created August 10, 2018