Phone Numbers

Records in webElect can have multiple phone numbers added from different methods and sources. Most times, you only want a single number for a record so we prioritize multiple numbers for selection as the "Best Number" in the following order and assign each source the following 1 letter codes:

The first priority numbers are those entered by a user: 
[H] Home Phone as entered by campaign user  
[C] Cell Phone as entered by campaign user
[U] User - entered by campaign user but type unknown

  • [W] Work Phone as entered as a contact record by the campaign, has been moved to be the last priority of all numbers

The next priority of numbers are those added from external phone append services and prioritized by the most recent date.
[P] Premium phone number obtained from 3rd party phone append service.
[M] Appended cell phone number provided by the campaign and loaded into webElect.
[A]  Appended number provided by the campaign and loaded into webElect.

Finally, the last priority of numbers are those from the following sources and are the numbers provided by default in webElect:
[G]  Consumer data file (updated annually)
[D] Directory  - Residential phone directory (updated annually)
[L] License - Public license list  (updated each cycle).  View Licenses List
[V] Voter Registration - number was provided by voter in their voter registration
The numbers from this list group typically contain a higher percentage of out-of-date numbers, but also contain some good numbers that can not be obtained through other methods.

[!] DNC (Do Not Call)

We are in the process of adding multiple methods to filter out phone numbers that have requested to be on the Do Not Call list. We load the state's DNC list quarterly, we have added methods for the campaigns to add numbers to their own list, and we have provided a dial-in phone number for voters to add their number themselves. These phone numbers are indicated with a ! exclamation point as the source code so campaigns can decide if they want to respect the voter's request to not be called. Campaign can optionally remove these numbers from reports completely.

Filtering Phone Lists by Type

We now identify the type of phone (landline, wireless, VoIP) based on the original issuance of the number. This is accurate for about 95% of numbers but will not correctly identify numbers that have ported from landline to wireless or vice versa. If you need to include identification of ported numbers, such as for importing into a robo-call system, we offer that via a 3rd party service for 1/2 cent per phone number.

To order: 1) create a group of the targeted voters you would like to run through the process; 2) Add Prepaid Credits on the Subscription Info page in the amount of Group Total * 1/2 cent; 3) Email with the Group Name to process

Premium Phone Append

If you would like to increase the phone number quantity and quality of your target from the default numbers sourced by webElect, we offer a Premium Phone append service via a 3rd party phone vendor at a cost of 3/4 cent per match (this is regardless of if the number is a new/different number for the voter or validating the existing webElect number). You may specify to only return wireless numbers, landline numbers, both, or the best of either. If you have pre-existing call projects, these will automatically be updated with the new best number. 

To order: 1) Go through the targeting process to select the voters you would like to process and proceed to the Output page. 2) Select "Call / Phone Bank" -> Show Options and review the Phone Append section. This will provide you with the estimated cost of each option and the required amount of Prepaid Credits needed to process each option. 3) If you need to add Prepaid Credits, proceed to the Subscription Info page and add. 4) Return to the Output page (you may need to repeat steps 1 and 2 if credits were needed) and select the append option desired. 5) Click Run Report. The job will be submitted to the phone append vendor and webElect will email you the match results soon after, typically within 15 minutes. The phone numbers will automatically be added and used in your webElect account and identified with a source code of "P" for Premium.

Importing Phone Numbers

If you have obtained phone numbers from an external source you would like to be used in your webElect account, email us the list from an admin level email address on your account in a 2 column format with the first column being the state voter ID number and the 2nd being the 10 digit phone number. If you know the phone type (wireless, landline, VoIP), send only 1 type per list and identify the type in that list. Your phone information will only be accessible by your campaign and any other campaign that you specify. Your email must be an admin level user on all campaigns you specify to share the list with.

Prioritizing Phones by Quality

If dialing from printed packets, you can maximize your volunteers' time by having them prioritize phone numbers that are likely higher quality numbers. These can be identified by either source code letters known to be of high quality such as [H], [C], [P], etc or by phone numbers with multiple source codes which indicate the number was matched multiple ways.

Use webElect's Phone Bank to Prioritize Numbers

Our Phone Bank module serves phone numbers in descending order of confidence of the number's quality which should result in higher connects to maximize volunteers' time. The standard dialing service is included with your service while the Power Dialing feature runs 2.9 cents/minute that the volunteer is connected ($1.74/hour).

Phone Number Counts

The "stock" phone numbers available in webElect as of 7/20/2020

Party Type Voter Records with a Number*
REP Cell 2,518,238
Landline 2,044,960
VoIP 39,084
Unknown 71,666
OTH Cell 1,700,586
Landline 1,012,238
VoIP 27,197
Unknown 47,407
DEM Cell 2,492,844
Landline 1,773,480
VoIP 44,812
Unknown 72,641
* multiple voters may have the same number

Party Type Unique Numbers**
REP Cell 2,574,787
Landline 1,711,448
VoIP 30,672
Unknown 64,153
OTH Cell 1,847,596
Landline 941,284
VoIP 23,778
Unknown 44,660
DEM Cell 2,638,841
Landline 1,549,527
VoIP 36,643
Unknown 67,831
** one voter may have multiple numbers

Last updated by Doug Homan, created March 3, 2014