Importing Data


There are 3 main reasons campaigns import data to webElect:

  1. Tag voters into Groups based on external lists. For example, placing voters into Support/Oppose groups based on results exported from a VoIP system, or tagging voters from a 3rd party membership list to use for micro-targeting.
  2. Add phone numbers or email addresses obtained from other sources.
  3. Import other types of contact lists. For example, import the name and addresses of donors from a previous campaign so they do not need to be hand entered.

Tag Voters into Groups

Tagging voters into a Group can be done by the campaign if the data being imported contains the state Voter ID number. Simply copy and paste the column of voter ID numbers into the Group's barcode page for the Group you want to tag those voters into.

If the data does not contain the voter ID number, matching must be performed. This involves CASS processing the address info in the list and then using the standardized address and name to try and match to a voter record. This process must be done by webElect and costs $35/list to perform the CASS processing and matching. An example of this might be that a campaign obtained a church membership list with name and address and would like to tag any voters in its district that match the list to help with micro-targeting.

Add Phone Number or Email Addresses

If a campaign has obtained additional phone numbers or email addresses for voters, we can add those to the campaign's dataset and they will be used as the "best" phone or email in reports. These will not be shared with any other campaign in webElect unless directed to.

We do not charge for adding phone numbers and email addresses if the voter ID number is included in the information. If it is not included, we must CASS process the addresses and perform an address and name match which we charge $35/list to perform.

Import Contact Lists

Importing contact lists involves CASS processing addresses to standardize the address for matching and de-duplicating purposes, as well as attempting to match records to voter records. This process must be performed by webElect and costs $35/list for up to 35,000 records that are in a "clean" format. This means that names are split into components and the data in each field is consistent from record to record. If the data is not "clean", additional charges may be required to perform additional processing.

Clean vs Non-Clean:

Clean File Example

Prefix First Middle Last Suffix Informal Greeting Address CSZ Home Phone Cell Phone Will Host? Lobbyist

Mark Douglas Homan
1256 Vinetree Dr Brandon, FL 33510
(813) 810-0649 X X
Dr. Jonathan William Smith Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. John Smith 3309 Korina Ln Tampa, FL 33618 813-932-3458 813-350-5567 X


3427 Lacewood Rd Tampa, FL 33618


Non-Clean File Example

Name Address Phone
Mark Homan (Doug)

1256 Vinetree Dr

Brandon, FL 33510

Home (813) 810-0649
Dr. and Mrs. John Smith

3309 Korina Ln

Tampa, FL 33618

Home 813-932-3458, Cell 813-350-5567
Johnson, Julie

3427 Lacewood Rd

Tampa, FL 33618

How to proceed?

If you are importing anything other then tagging voters into Groups using the voter ID number, then you will need to email your list to for processing.

Last updated by Jake Friedman, created February 27, 2014