Email Addresses

Email addresses in webElect come from a variety of sources, indicated with the Source Codes listed in the table below.  The addresses provided are exactly as they are recorded from the various sources.  We do not do any deliverability confirmation or cleansing.

Note that while sending bulk unsolicited political email may be legal, most people will flag it as spam which degrades the sending score of the server that sent it.  This means that email sent from that server will often not get delivered to inboxes and is why Email Service Providers will ban your account if they find you are sending unsolicited email. Email addresses can still be good for contacting individual voters and for building "custom audiences" in social network advertising programs.

Code Source
A Appended (campaign supplied list of Email Addresses)
B Vote By Mail record
C Contact record (campaign entered address)
L License (email was in a license list matched to voters)


Voter registration record

Email Counts

The "stock" email addresses available in webElect as of 7/20/2020

Party Voter records with an email address*
REP 1,892,132
DEM 1,922,588
OTH 1,256,178
* multiple voters may have the same address

Party Unique email addresses**
REP 2,063,213
DEM 2,133,169
OTH 1,385,604
** 1 voter may have multiple addresses

Last updated by Doug Homan, created October 2, 2016